Thursday, 22 March 2012

Tajuk Tugasan WAJ 3102 - Mr. Bala

Complete the task individually. DATEDUE: 14.04.2012

Task 1

Select an authentic text between 150 – 200 words (e.g. newspapers, magazines, brochures etc.) and identify TWO words that fit into the word classes mentioned below. The text must be typed or xeroxed. Use different colour to highlight the different word classes. Acknowledge the source of the article. (10 marks)

• Noun
• Determiner / Article
• Pronoun
• Adjective
• Adverb

Task 2

Identify any FIVE words in the article and construct a NEW sentence for each word that you have identified to reflect a new word class.(10 marks)

         (a)       The book is on the study table.  (noun)
         (b)        Salman called the hotel to book a deluxe room.  (verb)

Task 3: Essay Writing  (20 marks)

Choose one of the following topics:

         a.         An unforgettable moment in my life.

b.         My plans for the next five years.

c.         Distance learning is a blessing or curse. Discuss.

The essay should be between 250-300 words.

C. Attitude and Commitment (10%)

Reflect upon your personal and professional learning experience in completing the coursework.

Write your reflection in about 150 words.

Marks will also be awarded based on your attitude and commitment in completing this coursework. As such, you are encouraged to frequently consult your lecturer for advice, opinions, guides, etc. either via online or face to face interaction.

                                                                                                                           (10 marks)

Download - Topic assig. WAJ3102


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